AquaViro™ Surface Cleaner & Degreaser is a strong and effective multi-use cleaner. Safe to use – it is water based with no solvents, odours or fumes and is biodegradable and food safe.

AquaViro™ Surface Cleaner & Degreaser Cleans bilges, engines, BBQ’s, ovens, de-greases, de-fats and de-carbonises all at once. Used neat or diluted depending on the application (instructions for dilution rates are shown on bottle)

Areas of Application

  • Marine Vessels and Vehicles including Aircraft, Trucks, Coaches
  • Oven and Hot Plate
  • Bench, Floor and Tile Cleaner
  • Rangehood / Exhaust Filters
  • Mining Vehicles, Attachments and Equipment.
Technical Bulletin
Material Safety Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet (1 to 20 dilution with water)