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AquaViro™ E-Treat Holding Tank Cleaner


AquaViro™ E-Treat Holding Tank Cleaner

Biodegradable concentrated formula to clean, sanitise and deodorise holding tanks.
Contains: Glutaraldehyde 20g/L, Quaternary Ammonium Compound(s) 60g/L.

A biodegradable concentrated formula that can be used with fresh or salt water flush toilets and is compatible with pump-out systems.

Technical Bulletin
Material Safety Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet (1 to 20 dilution with water)
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Holding Tanks – Initial charge or immediately following tank pump-out:

Step 1  Set the system to deliver flush to the holding tank, NOT to outside discharge.

Step 2  Flush the toilet. Add the E-Treat to the toilet bowl at a rate of 1 ml per 1 L of holding tank capacity. Eg: 60L capacity tank requires 60ml of E-Treat.

Step 3  After adding the E-Treat, flush the toilet once more.

Holding tanks – Top-ups to extend pump-out periods and restoration cleanse:

Your Initial charge (as above) of E-Treat will last several days, depending on usage. Use additional E-Treat twice per week at a rate of 100ml per SOL holding tank capacity. Simply flush the toilet, add the E-Treat and flush the toilet once more. For holding tank restoration cleanse, please refer to the technical bulletin.

Portable Toilets / Buses and Coaches / Recirculating Systems:

Pour 100ml- 200ml of E-Treat into the holding tank, depending on the size. Replace after emptying. For recirculating systems, add 150ml of E-Treat to the initial charge. In particularly hot conditions, or to overcome odours, E-Treat can be doubled or tripled in strength if required.

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