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AquaViro™ Gelcoat Cleaner & Restorer


AquaViro™ Gelcoat Cleaner & Restorer

Easily removes yellowing from gelcoat, removes rust marks, brightens ageing gelcoat on RVs and Caravans. No harsh acids. Formulated for rugged Australian conditions.

Technical Bulletin
Material Safety Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet (1 to 20 dilution with water)
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Wet surfaces are to be cleaned with potable water. Follow the dilution rates below and always use the weakest solution first to ensure there are no adverse surface effects.

1. Pressure wash the surface to remove all heavy soiling.

2. Spray, brush or broom Gelcoat Cleaner onto the soiled areas in accordance with the dilution rates below. Further details can be found in the technical bulletin.

3. Leave Gelcoat Cleaner on the soiled areas until its activity obviously dissipates. Contact times may vary depending on the type and quantity of the soiling. On heavier soiling, three or more applications may be required to soften bases and speed up the restoration.

4. Pressure wash the area and repeat this process if required. Rinse thoroughly.

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