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AquaViro™ Micro Mist


AquaViro™ Micro-Mist spray bottle delivers a better-than-aerosol spray quality.

It’s a next generation trigger-based dispensing technology that does away with the need for  propellant gases and pressurised containers, delivering a remarkable spray quality. Engineered with multi-patented technologies. Its very fine mist combined with continuous spray functionality covers large areas quickly, evenly and in all directions from first to last drop.

Superior ergonomics and 360° dispensing makes it a delight to use. Customers love it!

A standout feature is the low noise performance – a necessary requirement in some instances and a preferred feature for a wide range of applications.

For the eco-minded consumer, this is an obvious choice moving away from the environmental, health and safety hazards of conventional aerosols.

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  • Functionality without the need for propellant gases like aerosol
  • Production of an ultra-fine mist that sprays continuously
  • Mist sprayed at 1.25cc’s per second
  • Three seconds of continuous spray, after the user primes the trigger once
  • Use in any condition / direction once the priming is done in an upright position
  • Bottles that are refillable

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