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AquaViro™ Mould Spray 500ml


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Specialised cleaning solution.

• Effectively kills mould & algae spores on all treated surfaces.

• Excellent for the removal of mould, algae, fungus & mildew stains from grouting and silicon sealants in bath & shower areas.

• Destroys mildew and mould stains on painted wall and ceilings.

• Removes all dank and musty smell from all treated areas.

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Out of stock

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Spray directly on to the surface. Allow to react with the stain for up to 30 minutes. Use a sponge or wet cloth to mop up residues. Rinse off with water as necessary. Repeat procedure if stubborn stains persist. Stone Stain Remover has a strong bleaching action – contact with clothing and other fabrics should be avoided.

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