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AquaViro™ Teak Decking Powder 1L


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New generation, high performance, concentrate for all teak and timber decking.

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Using a suitable plastic container, make up a 3% solution (30gm/Lt– 150gm/5Lt) of Teak Decking Powder in warm to hot water.

Use a soft deck brush to lightly scrub solution over the deck surface. Always work across the grain. Allow to soak for 10-15mins – do not allow the solution to dry on the surface.

In hot conditions or direct sunlight, add more cleaning solution if necessary. Rinse thoroughly with hose – light brushing, during the rinsing process, assists in the removal of ingrained soils. For heavy duty cleaning the cleaner may be scattered sparingly over the wet deck, scrubbed in across the grain and thoroughly rinsed.

All excess rinse water should be squeezed away.

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