In the current situation, we all need to be diligent in regards to personal hygiene. Given there the current price gouging, and short supply, this has made purchasing these items extremely costly. And that’s if you can find them at all! We have put this Essentials Pack together at an extremely discounted rate to do our small part for the community, and to try and help the fight against the spread of SARS-CoV-19 (COVID-19) From our family to yours, stay safe.

What you get:

Formulated for the efficient cleaning and sanitising of all food areas and hard surfaces.
Contains 2gm/Lt quaternary ammonium compounds to ensure thorough sanitising of all treated surfaces.
Food Safe – non-toxic and when necessary, is suitable to leave on food preparation surfaces without rinsing.
Broad spectrum bactercide – ideal for all food preparation areas that could harbour harmful germs: P.vulgaris, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, E.coli C.

Provides gentle, non-irritating, advanced bacteriological protection for the hands.
Kills germs and bacteria quickly and effectively.
Easy to use – no water, residue or wiping.
Dries completely in seconds.
Moisturises with glycerine and Vitamin E
Pump pack for easy dispensing.
Convenient “use anywhere” product.
Great alternative when soap and water are unavailable.
Perfect for travelling.

A gentle hand and skin cleanser designed for the cleaning and conditioning of all skin types.
A natural replacement for detergent based hand cleansers and bath soaps.
Natural emollients maintain correct moisture balance of skin leaving skin conditioned and supple.
Vitamin E strengthens and revitalises skin cell tissue.
Providing natural soothing and healing effects.
Gently penetrates, perspiration, oily or grimy soils and floats them away, leaving skin clean, conditioned and refreshed.

Our award winning ‘UNIVERSAL CLEANER’ 2L. Biodegradable all in one cleaning solution
AquaViro™ Universal Cleaner is a scientifically designed biodegradable sanitising all in one cleaning solution.
Developed to clean almost every surface inside the home, office, garage and outdoors.
Fast, safe, biodegradable and eco conscious.
One product, all applications.

BATHROOM: tiles, mirrors, shower screen, vanity basins, taps, toilet, grout, hard water stains, soap scum, calcium and lime deposits.
KITCHEN: floors, bench tops, marble, laminate, sinks, stainless steel, appliances, splash backs, oven, microwave, taps, stovetops.
HOUSEHOLD: carpet stains, wooden furniture, windows, walls, desks, leather, vinyl, PVC, rubber, coffee machines.
OUTDOORS: oils stains, driveways, BBQ, outdoor furniture, pool covers, umbrellas, sail cloth shades, trampolines, boats, bilges, canopies, caravans, camping equipment, toys, bikes, car engines, car wheels, car interiors, car carpet and mats, house exterior, outside windows (spray on hose off!) tools etc.
LAUNDRY: washing machine, tiles, sinks, pre-wash stain remover (removes red wine, food colouring and grease from clothes) sports clothing and equipment.